BB&T Routing Number – All State Bank Location

BB&T Routing Number

The BB&T Corporation is a Branch Banking & Trust Company, which provides you with the essential several banking facilities since it is a recognized financial service holding corporation that has been headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The bank functions or has above 2,100 subdivisions or workplaces nearly within 15 states as well as Washington, D.C., and provides you with the customer and commercial banking, asset administration, securities brokerage, mortgage, loan, and insurance services. The BB&T is on the listing of the biggest banks in the US. Its secondary named BB&T Insurance Services is one among the biggest insurance brokers all over the world.

The BB&T Bank provides you with a complete selection of financial facilities, comprising of the retail and commercial banking, investment, insurance, worldwide services, and leasing. As of now, the BB&T Bank is the 14th biggest financial-stock corporation in the country having above $136.5 billion in terms of assets.

Routing Number of BB&T Bank

The BB&T Bank Routing Number is the figure, which is required for setting up a wire transfer, direct deposit, ordering checks, and electronic payments. The Routing Transit Numbers or the routing numbers are further known as the ACH routing numbers, transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, etc.

The best procedure to locate the BB&T routing number for your account with the bank is to gaze at the extreme left-side edge of the check delivered to you by the respective bank. The opening 9-digits beginning from the left edge to right is going to be your BB&T Bank Routing Number.

Your routing number is going to depend on the respective branch of the bank in which you had opened your bank account. You might as well take a look at the online statement to determine which banking organization you had opened your account with and make use of the routing number henceforth in an easy manner.

BBT Bank Routing numbers by state are:

State Routing Number
Alabama (AL) 0622-0398-4
District of Columbia (DC) 0540-0154-7
Florida (FL) 2631-9138-7
Georgia (GA) 0611-1341-5
Indiana (IN) 0839-7428-9
Kentucky (KY) 0839-0068-0
Maryland (MD) 0550-0330-8
New Jersey (NJ) 0312-0471-0
North Carolina (NC) 0531-0112-1
Ohio (OH) 0421-0226-7
Pennsylvania (PA) 0313-0912-3
South Carolina (SC) 0532-0160-7
Tennessee (TN) 0642-0816-5
Texas (TX) 1110-1769-4
Virginia (VA) 0514-0426-0
West Virginia (WV) 0515-0339-4

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